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Automatically share your blog posts across hundreds of popular free Social Media websites and Web 2.0 properties.  A Syndication Network is specifically designed to lay the foundation for your brand, and works off of your blogs RSS feed.Get content indexed quicker, and show popularity with immediate links for every blog post!

Benefits Of Done For Your IFTTT Content Syndication:

  • Builds Trust On Autopilot.
  • Content Posting On Autopilot
  • Backlinks On Autopilot.
  • Social Signals On Autopilot.
  • Indexing On Autopilot.

Lay the online foundation for your brand instantly!

You get;1 branded IFTTT network, with 5 supporting Persona IFTTT Networks. All the social accounts are fully optimized including data profiles, header images, bio/description, interlinked all with IFTTT Applets.



What is a content syndication network?

A syndication network is simply an automatic sharing of your blog posts across dozens to hundreds of popular free Social Media websites and Web 2.0 properties.

What can a content syndication network do for you?

  • Create an autopilot SEO solution that works to circulate content while you sleep.
  • New content posts to RSS feed, auto-published across the entire network.
  • Quickly establish a brand or persona.
  • Build video rankings in both Google & YouTube on autopilot.
  • Leveraging the power and every network property to index content quickly with search engines.
  • All content posts will look natural shared on all created social accounts.
  • Backlink your syndication network with niche edits and guest posts to further its SEO power and boost rankings.

The process:

  • We create all social accounts and Web 2.0 properties with unique IP Addresses.
  • Will add all the required data in each account like description/bio, Profile image/Logo, Cover/Header images, & NAP (Name Adrea Address).
  • Interlink all accounts to one another.
  • Create IFTTT Applets/Recipes for all supported¬†social accounts.
  • Deliver excel sheet with login details.
  • You will take ownership of all social accounts upon delivery.


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