Niche Edits Avg. DA28

$39.99 Per Backlink

Get your Niche Edit outreach done for you. Bulk orders accepted and no minimum quantities. Please download and upload the order spreadsheet with your link details at checkout.

Example Links NE: Education | Travel | Service Business

*Optional – wrap your text with up to 50 characters. 

  • Content Provided
  • You Select The Niche
  • Average SEMRush DA28
  • Average RD110
  • Dofollow/Nofollow Mix
  • 24mo Stick Guarantee
  • No PBN Links
  • Duplicates Scan w/Ahrefs


  1. Download this spreadsheet.
  2. Follow the example in row two.
  3. Fill out a row on the sheet for each link you ordered.
  4. Upload your completed sheet below.
  5. Make sure the quantity matches the number of links in your spreadsheet.
Accepted file types: xlsx, xls, Max. file size: 128 MB.
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What is a Niche Edit?

Niche Edits are also known as link inserts, editorial links, or curated links. This type of link building is accomplished by running outreach campaigns for websites that already have great metrics, massive blogs, and plenty of opportunities for backlinks. Niche Edits work great to help websites rank because the pages are already indexed, the age allows them to receive the full value of the internal links from inside the website they are on. Plus, they often already have social shares and backlinks making them ideal for adding quick domain authority and rankings in search engines. If you have not used Niche Edits in the past, we recommend adding these in with fresh Guest Posts.

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